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- My Story -
The journey began in high school with a camera and a BMX bike. After attending Columbia College in Chicago I worked on several action sports videos for companies including The Bakery BMX, Mutiny Bikes and Redbull before  started shifting my  focus to wedding filmmaking. A few years ago I started an editing job with George Street Photo & Video in Chicago, IL and while working on hundreds of weddings during my time at headquarters I learned exactly what to and not to do in order to get beautiful images of a couples wedding day. After moving to Atlanta in 2014 I began my filming stint with GSPV and have several weddings under my belt.
Now moving forward and branching out on my own, I am always looking to make that special day look the way that it deserves to look. Coming from a different background than most event filmmakers gives me a unique outlook and approach to filming and editing. As I continue to grow I am always looking for that next step to take in order to give couples the most breathtaking and energetic videos that show off their personalities.
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